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Matthew C. Yerger

Matthew C. Yerger
August 7, 1969 -  October 8, 2017

Matthew C. Yerger was born on August 7, 1969 and passed away on Sunday, October 8, 2017 at the age of 48. He was born and raised in Fremont, Nebraska. He also lived briefly in Phoenix, Arizona and was a long time resident of Omaha, Nebraska where he lived at the time of his passing.
He was a graduate of Fremont High School. During his time at school he built and maintained many life-long friendships; many of which were made while in grade school, middle school and high school. Others were cultivated during his employment, where he shared his creativity and culinary skills in many local restaurants and catering services throughout the Omaha area.
He is survived by his son Grae Gammel (and his mother Kathy Gammel); his parents, mother Nancy Steil (and step-father Steve), father Brad Yerger (and step-mother Gloria) and his step-brothers and sisters, Chuck Ogden and wife Danette, Shawn Wright and husband Kim, and Tom Ogden, as well his many aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews. Matt’s life message was full of twists and turns and many carefully forged life-long relationships.
Although Matt was slight of build, he was big of heart. A little league football position as running back proved to be a daunting task that would not be pursued, but his ability to make you smile and to develop life-long friendships would last a lifetime. He had this quirky smile and a whimsical grin and a heart that drew others into his world.
From early childhood he possessed and displayed many creative and culinary skills. At an early age he showed both a love and disdain for desserts. For example, as a toddler on his first birthday he ate a chocolate cake with one fist while destroying the rest with the other. Later in life he would prepare dessert creations but pass on eating them.
As a young child he was found demonstrating an unbelievable ability to draw cartoon characters free hand and during his lifetime he developed a distinctively artistic penmanship style that presented itself throughout his life. His creative side would also be born out and reflected in his artistic drawings and rendering he made as an adult – a gift he passed on to his son Grae, as well as in the culinary dishes he would prepare during his catering and restaurant career. On one occasion he told Kathy that the presentation of a food dish made it taste better – she laughed, so he prepared a gourmet presentation for her try, properly presented with drizzling’s and all. Kathy quickly had to admit it was outstanding. He later admitted it was a perfectly presented “HOT POCKET”.
He was also sentimental and a romantic. He would regularly leave notes for Kathy to find and filled cards for her and Grae with personalized expressions of his love and devotion that reflected a poetic flare and his gift for writing; a characteristic he may have inherited from his father. He liked to journal and they were filled with his unique penmanship and doodling’s.
He was also well noted for his gift giving because they were well researched and planned especially for each recipient. On one Christmas occasion when he and Kathy were hosting dinner, he surprised Kathy with an unexpected gift of a new dining room table so that they could accommodate their invited guests.
Throughout Matt’s life he displayed a very quiet and introspective demeanor. He was not given to readily sharing his inner thoughts; he internalized life and kept matters to himself. His closest friends often proved to be his confidants and source of support and strength.
Matt was not one to openly complain to others about life’s ups and downs or the adversity in life. For example, as a child on a Colorado vacation trip, he and his step-sister Shawn endured riding home in the back of an El Camino under the bed tarp during a drenching rain where they both became soaked to the core while he repeatedly said all was well and he was dry. He was also somewhat of a thrill-seeker who satisfied some of the curveballs of life by developing, and challenging others to match his love of repeated roller coaster rides.
Matt loved the outdoors, to bike and to travel; and he did so with both family and friends. He also loved music and he became a self-taught guitar player. To no one’s surprise he loved going to concerts with his friends. His favorite music icons likely led to the trendy clothing and sneakers he often chose to wear as well as the “big” hair and other changing hair style trends that he displayed throughout his life.
Since his birth, his son Grae gave Matt his greatest sense of pride. This was an area of his life where he could readily and openly share his thoughts. Their relationship reflected their whimsical sides as they routinely enjoyed poking good-natured fun at each other. He was so proud of Grae’s most recent academic achievements, his scholastic scholarship to college and the outstanding and gifted young man he has become. Grae was his legacy and very significant part of his “life message”.
If Matt touched your life in some meaningful way, you’re encouraged to take the opportunity to share those thoughts with the family. An additional opportunity to share will be provided during the luncheon that will be served following the service as we all celebrate Matt’s life, his “life message” and his lasting impact on his family and his many friends.

He is survived by his son Grae Gammel (and Grae’s mother Kathy Gammel); his parents; mother Nancy Steil (and step-father Steve), father Brad Yerger (and step-mother Gloria) and his step-brothers and sisters, Chuck Ogden and wife Danette, Shawn Wright and husband Kim, and Tom Ogden, as well his many aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews.

As a final thought the family leaves this message in the form of a poem:

Live Life
We are formed from the dust and to dust we’ll all end
But the life in between forms the message we’ll send
From the beginning to the end GOD numbers our days
HE sets forth our life paths, which lead many ways
Some paths bring trials, others hardship or pain
While others bring joy that feeds new life like the rain
We’re surrounded in good times and those that bring strife
Knowing all would be touched through our message in life
So strive for a life message that shows others you cared
This brings honor to GOD for a life created and shared
Hold fast to fond memories as you seek your own paths
So in all that you do you create a life message that lasts
Proverbs 3:5-6